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Liverpool City Council (LCC) governs 42 suburbs in New South Wales. With a rapidly increasing population, the construction of Western Sydney Airport and the development of Liverpool’s city centre as an innovative health, education and lifestyle precinct, LCC states it is committed to continual collaboration with residents and stakeholders.

LCC’s new Community Strategic Plan outlines a 10 year mission to transform Liverpool into an inclusive place to learn and grow and to become the destination of choice for business, investment, living and recreation.

The recent Upskilled training initiative was a joint venture between LCC, Upskilled and the NSW Government, fully funded through the NSW Local Government Skills Strategy program.

There was an identified business need for the LCC to work towards the 2030 Commonwealth Government Futures Program Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation, as well as training in strategic planning for their leadership team. This was to ensure that the LCC leaders could present in a strategic fashion; as well as being innovative in their approach to their strategy and thinking.

There was a need for several face-to-face workshops with two different groups of employees, totalling 40 participants; with a specific training day tailored to the management team. These two training sessions were designed to suit LCC needs; contextualised to their unique environment.

The day training sessions were delivered in a face-to-face fashion, on-site at LCC. These included Upskilled trainers presenting, as well as mentoring participants, as they prepared for their presentations. The first day culminated in participants giving their final presentations, allowing them to demonstrate the skills they had learned.

The second session of training focused on leaders in industry and government and covered topics such as what “innovation” means to LCC employees, and how the internal team could integrate new ways of doing things more effectively and efficiently in their workplace; the sessions were about connecting where their future would be with LCC and tying this in with what the team members were doing on a day-to-day level; working on thinking creatively and collaboratively about innovation concepts.

The training Upskilled delivered was Nationally Recognised, meaning employees received a Statement of Attainment for the Units of Competency they successfully completed.

LCC were also able to access the NSW Local Government’s Skills Strategy program which meant the training was fully funded.

The key takeaway for LCC was that the only “constant” for business (and for local city councils) is change. Keeping up with context, stakeholder needs, and technology as it shapes and changes Australia is something LCC will focus on.

This will be achieved through creative thinking, innovative practice, and being able to reinforce what team members are trying to get across to their stakeholders. This supports the value of continuous improvement LCC knows that investing in staff development is the way they will move forward with credibility.

For example, one of Council’s aims is to meet the needs of their existing rate payers, alongside a focus on the partnerships they are forming in order to deliver these new projects, like the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek and Smart Cities.

The sessions sparked great communication and cross department collaboration; especially as the participants discussed the projects they were currently working on. LCC has developed ideas around technology, big data, and the smart cities projects that the State and Federal Governments are focusing on. For example, NSW’s future plans for “driverless trains”, as a discussion point.

Upskilled was able to tailor training examples to their needs, for example, discussing an existing media interview with LCC’s CEO, as well as projects on their public website. These were used as the basis for some assessments. Many participants were able to come away with some strategies and processes for their own departments to move forward.

LCC’s CEO is primed for growth and change. Part of this training was to bring the LLC’s heads, and key players together to work more collaboratively. This was one of the main takeaways for the Council.

LCC was preparing their Leadership team to deliver at their annual conference. The Upskilled training sessions have enabled them to raise the level of engagement and collaboration for this event.


“We’ve been working with Upskilled to deliver training for our staff and they’ve had a great experience with it. They have come out energised and enthused and I look forward to them bringing their learnings back into their work.”

Kiersten Fishburn, CEO

“I am learning to change my view of fears and think of them as exciting opportunities.”

John Kaufman

“I loved the presentation day. It put me out of my comfort zone; got me up there and talking about things ‘on the fly’. I had to be comfortable thinking about how I could present to an audience of my peers, which is a little bit daunting. But the support that I was given by the Upskilled training staff was fantastic.”

Ellen Whittingstall, Governance Coordinator

“It was fantastic to learn about some new and different techniques and technologies for use in training. Today’s training about innovation and innovative ideas and technologies has also been valuable and really useful for my work going forward. A fantastic and interactive workshop with some great facilitators.”

Jacqueline Newsome, Coordinator Community Development

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