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How to get started on your employee investment

Government funding and incentives

Many businesses are not aware that at both state and federal level, government commitment to upskilling the Australian workforce has resulted in a comprehensive framework of funding schemes and incentive opportunities. As a result, many Upskilled Corporate participants are provided incentives by the Government to undertake training and/or find that their courses are heavily subsidised.

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Training benchmarks for migration agents

The Australian Government is encouraging all employers to invest in training for Australian workers. Whilst immigration plays a role in addressing short term skill and labour shortages, the government is committed to training Australians to address longer term skill and labour shortages. Through Upskilled, organisations can meet the interim training benchmark requirements via Training Benchmark B.

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Upskilled Corporate has been developed to support learning requirements of Australian businesses and offer a strong return on their skilling investment. We have innovated the flexible online delivery of education and training for professionals, and are well versed with the framework of Government Funding & Incentive schemes that exist to help meet skills shortages in the Australian workforce and assist with making study affordable.

Upskilled consultation process

Want to know how the process works? We will walk you though the steps from consultation, delivery to evaluation. In order to understand your business requirements, our first step is to bring key staff together to identify your training needs, operational challenges, staff capability, and ongoing development. This allows us to produce a truly customised solution that is tailored perfectly to your business and industry.

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Customised Learning

Meeting Industry Specific Needs

Upskilled allows you to create a learning and development plan based around the skills gaps pertinent to your business needs.

National Capability

Nationally Recognised Training

Providing an online learning platform and on-site training options ensures a truly National solution.

Flexible Delivery

Wherever -Whenever - However

Upskilled can deliver your course wherever works best for you – at your work premises, a suitable venue of your choice, or fully online.

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