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Upskilled is an approved entity for various state and federal government funding contracts.

Upskilled provides a free consultation to determine any possible opportunities for government funding or incentives. Get in touch with our Corporate Consultants today to determine any government funding or incentive opportunities.

Call us on 1300 469 853

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Upskilled can help you find a payment solution that is right for your business. We have access to various state and federal funding contracts which can subsidise the overall cost of the courses. Upskilled can also provide custom pricing solutions based on your requirements and training goals. To find out what’s best for you, get in touch with a Corporate Consultant today on 1300 469 853

In order to understand your business requirements, our first step is to bring key staff together to identify your training needs, operational challenges, staff capability, and ongoing development. This allows us to produce a truly customised solution that is tailored perfectly to your business and industry.

Upskilled will provide a free consultation to determine any skills gaps, perform a training needs analysis and provide a training plan for your business. During this process, we can also identify any possible opportunities for government funding or incentives.
Contact our Corporate Consultants today on 1300 469 853 so we can determine what training solution is best for you.

Upskilled’s Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement program has now ended, however this program has been replaced by Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Incentives System (AAIS). The courses eligible for this program will vary from state to state. To find out what programs your business is eligible for, we recommend you to speak to to our Corporate Consultants for further details.

At Upskilled Corporate, we offer online learning programs that are interactive and can be accessible anytime. Your employees will also receive support from dedicated trainers who will monitor progress and assist with all their educational needs via phone or email.

If your cohort is large enough, we can arrange for some courses to be delivered exclusively for your organisation

All materials provided are current, easy to use and you can learn at schedule, place and time that suits your employees best.

To ensure your organisations’ success, we will keep you informed of your employees progress and feedback on a regular basis by our support team.

We currently do not offer the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Start dates for 2022 courses start on the 1st Monday of the month. In case where the 1st Monday is a Public Holiday, the start date will be the Tuesday. For more information, get in contact with our Corporate Consultants today and receive a free consultation to find out about the courses, start dates, commencement processes and other questions you may have.

Our payment options are customised to suit your business requirements. We offer flexible payment plans, discounts offers and government funding solutions where applicable.

Depending on the state of residence and varying eligibility criteria, you may be eligible for various forms of Government Funding incentives. To find out more about our payment options and government subsidised training solutions, get in touch with one of our Corporate Consultants today and receive a free consultation to find out the best option for you and your business.

The process of enrolling with Upskilled to commencement of course will vary according to course and month intake.

Once your training rollout is confirmed, each student signs up with Upskilled and completes their enrolment process personally. Then they receive their login details and will be able to start their course on the date we have agreed on or on the1st Monday of the month.
For more information regarding course intake and commencement, we recommend to get in touch with our Corporate Consultants who will be able to provide a walk-through of the process of learning with Upskilled and other questions you may have.

Units of courses are issued and marks with various timelines.
Once a unit is complete, it will then be graded and receive the necessary feedback as required for your work.

To learn more about how quickly units are issued and marked, consult one of our Corporate Consultants today for further information.

Upskilled can deliver curated training through a flexible blended learning delivery all online. Classroom scheduling and online start dates are entirely customisable to your requirements. Our main promise is to maximise learning outcomes, while minimising business disruption, hence our online courses can be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our online course delivery enables you to study at a flexible time and place of your choosing, granting you a learning experience suited to your preferred pace and personal needs.

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