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Your employees can fast track their learning with RPL

Could your employees get formal recognition for the skills they already have? Upskilled Corporate recognises that many participants acquire vocational skills from a variety of different sources outside of formal training. This might include past study, apprenticeships, training and work experience. If you have existing skills and knowledge that relates to an Upskilled training program, you can apply to have your expertise assessed. It may count towards your learning outcomes, or gain your credit towards your course.

Recognition of other qualifications

All qualifications and statements of attainment issued by Registered Training Organisations are fully recognised by Upskilled. Where appropriate, these can be used to reduce the length and study requirements of a training program being offered by Upskilled.

Participants seeking recognition for other qualifications are required to provide original certificates or certified copies to the head trainer or, in some cases, to the course trainer, who will make note of the qualification. This process is typically observed where participants produce a prerequisite qualification for an Upskilled course they are wishing to undertake.

Credit Transfer Policy

Credit Transfer is available to participants enrolling in any Upskilled course program. Credit Transfer involves the awarding of credit towards a qualification, granted to participants on the basis of outcomes gained through participation in courses with another RTO.

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Eligibility and Assistance

Incentives and funding opportunities are generally restricted to Australian citizens, permanent residents, or New Zealand passport holders with more than 6 months’ residence. Beyond this, eligibility requirements differ between schemes. Upskilled operates as an industry specialist to monitor the ongoing changes in the funding framework. Contact us for advice. 

Participants can make an application for RPL at any time during their training program. An RPL application pack is available from the National Education and Compliance Manager

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