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Turn Your Upskilled Diploma into a Bachelor Degree

Upskilled Corporate recognises that many participants acquire vocational skills from a variety of different sources outside of formal training. These skills are valid, irrespective of how they were acquired. Participants who believe they have existing skills and knowledge that would be covered in an Upskilled training program should apply at time of enrolment to have their expertise assessed and, where appropriate, to have their particular training program reduced.

Nationally recognised qualifications

Upskilled’s Diploma courses are Nationally Recognised Qualifications meaning they are recognised by Australian Universities for entry and credit transfer. The amount of credit transfer will vary depending on the degree a student transfers to, and the grades attained at Upskilled.

Credit Agreements

Upskilled has a number of Credit Agreements in place with Universities across Australia which guarantees students entry and credit transfer upon completion of a selection of our Diplomas, and could take up to a year off a Bachelor Degree.

These Credit Agreements are of great importance as outside of these there is no guarantee of the amount of credit transfer you will receive. You would need to apply to your University of choice and they will assess your application and credit transfer request on a case by case basis.

Transfer your credit to top Universities

Upskilled have a number of Articulation Agreements in place with Universities across Australia. This guarantees participants entry and credit transfer benefits upon completion of a selection of our Diplomas, and could take up to a year off a Bachelor Degree in some cases.

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