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Visa training benchmark requirements for businesses sponsoring overseas workers

What are the visa training benchmarks?

The Australian Government is encouraging all employers to invest in training for Australian workers. Whilst immigration plays a role in addressing short term skill and labour shortages, the government is committed to training Australians to address longer term skill and labour shortages. The current interim training benchmark requirements requires employers to demonstrate they are investing in training for Australian employees before they are permitted to sponsor overseas workers.

How can my organisation meet the requirements?

Through Upskilled Corporate, organisations can meet the interim training benchmark requirements via Training Benchmark B.  Training Benchmark B requires recent expenditure by the business, to the equivalent of, at least 1% of payroll, in the provision of training to employees of the business, and a commitment to maintain that expenditure over the life of the sponsorship.

How is payroll defined?

Payroll is the amount of money an employer pays in wages to their employees, in the 12 months prior to application lodgment. Payroll expenditure includes any wages, remuneration, salary, commission, bonuses, allowances, superannuation contributions (mandatory or otherwise) or eligible termination payments that are defined as wages in the Act relating to payroll tax in the relevant State or Territory.

Why use Upskilled Corporate?

  • Upskilled can provide you with a receipt showing your commitment of 1% to the Training Benchmark B program within 1 business day of receiving your contribution form thus allowing you to submit your 457 Visa application immediately. You get the same results as submitting to 2% of your payroll to the Training Benchmark B fund, but at half the cost to your business

  • Upskilled provides Nationally Recognised Training

  • Specialists in identifying Government Funding and Incentive opportunities to subsidise course payments. Upskilled can potentially assist you to receive some, or all, of your investment back in the form of government funding and incentives

  • Flexible study options for staff, including classroom, online and on-site

  • Upskilled can ensure you get the maximum return on your investment

Next Steps

Simply download your 457 Visa Training Benchmark B Contribution form and our Education Managers will be in touch. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 009 924 or email

For new companies, less than a year old, you can complete the below Training Plan Request form as part of your benchmark requirement.
457 Visa Training Benchmark Training Plan Request Form (new company form – request to show intention).

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